Flaxeen-X For Horses



Specially formulated feed supplement based on Mount Mills Flax Oil

May improve fibre digestion in the equine intestinal system which can lead to Improved utilisation of the diet

High in vitamin E

Suitable for pregnant mares, young stock and sales preparation

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Helps with breeding for broodmares and for stallions

Skin Condition
Enhances skin condition and fights sweet itch

High Performance Horses
Aids high performance horses through muscle recovery, reduced inflammation, reducing lactic acid and increasing stamina

Adds to your horse’s immune system. Flax Oil has been shown to reduce equine endotoxemia which inhibits the occurrence of Colic, Laminitis and Organ Failure

  • Improves coat and hair appearance
  • Improves hoof condition
  • Decreases nervousness
  • Aids neural development of foals
  • Increases stamina
  • Increases sperm count in stallions
  • Increases immune system
  • Reduces lactic acid
  • Reduces inflammation
Analytical Constituents

Aspertic acid 2,0%

Threonine 0,9%

Serine 1,0%

Glutamin acid 4,1%

Proline 0,6%

Glycine 1,2%

Alanine 1,0%

Valine 0,9%

Cysteine 0,4%

Methionine 0,4%

lsoleucine 0,8%

Leucine 1,2%

Tyrosine 0,5%

Phenylalanine 1,0%

Lysine 0,8%

Histidine 0,4%

Arginine 1,8%

Tryptophan 0,4%

VITAMIN E (dl alpha tocopherol) 7000mg/100g

VITAMIN B (thiamin) 0,13mg/700g

VITAMIN B2 (riboflavin) 0,05mg/100g

Dry Ashing

Calcium 0,47%

Potassium 1,39%

Magnesium 0,49%

Sodium 0,927%

Copper 5,7mg/kg

Iron 210mg/kg

Manganese 45mg/kg

Zinc 49mg/kg

Iodine 78,9mg/100g

Ash 8,33%

Fibre 6,99%

Moisture 10,41%

Oil (Method B) 22,64%

Protein 20.50%

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